Our NICU Journey Journals

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Our NICU Journey Journals

Our NICU Journey is the brand new NICU Journal from Every Tiny Thing. This high-quality journal is the perfect place to track everything going on in your baby's daily life while in the NICU, including places to track:

  • Today’s Date

  • Weight

  • Bonding Activities for the day

  • Nurses, Doctors & Caregivers for the day

  • Feedings

  • Vital signs, labs, meds, procedures, equipment settings

  • Highs & Lows

  • Notes & Questions to Ask

Each week has 7 double-page spaces for tracking the day's information, plus a "weekly summary" page with room to track the weeks new milestones, baby's likes & dislikes, as well as room to write a longer journal entry. 

Each weekly summary page includes an inspiring quote which can be left as is, or can be covered with a weekly photo if you'd like to include photos in your journal.

The paperback edition has a beautiful matte soft cover with "french fold" which makes it easy to find your place, while the hardcover edition has a durable matte binding with a silver ribbon bookmark. 

Each journal includes enough pages to journal for 8 weeks in the NICU.

  • An EveryTinyThing™ original design