Kangaroo Tube with Halter Strap
Kangaroo Tube with Halter Strap
Kangaroo Tube with Halter Strap
Kangaroo Tube with Halter Strap
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Kangaroo Tube with Halter Strap

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Skin to skin contact, also known as kangaroo care, immediately after birth and in the first weeks and months of baby’s life has been shown to regulate baby’s body temperature and promote the initiation of breastfeeding, among other benefits.

The kangaroo top with halter strap is made from a soft, lightweight, and stretchy cotton / spandex jersey. It is cozy for mom and baby, snug, but flexible enough for baby to seek the breast. Side seams with elastic shirring and a double band at the bottom keep baby comfortably in place without unnecessary pressure.

The halter strap is easily stretched over mom’s head to breastfeed and gives extra support while sitting up, but this is NOT a hands free baby carrier. It is best worn when you lie in a reclined position or sit. If you do get up while using the top, use at least one hand to support baby.

Weight limit 15 lbs.

The bottom of the shirt should sit above hip height to properly support baby and avoid a Cesarean incision. This item tends to run small. If you have a question about your size it is always better to order up. However, the fit should be snug.


The most important measurement is the bust!! This is just general guide as each body type is different. 
PLEASE NOTE: Halters run SMALL and hit at the natural waist. 
XS 34" to 35.5"

24" to 26"

S 35.5" to 38"

26" to 28"

M 38" to 40" 28" to 31"
L 40" to 43" 31" to 34"
XL 43" to 46" 34" to 36"
2XL 46" to 50"

36" to 39"